Assoc.Prof.Dr.Hjh.Hanipah Hussin currently is Associate Professor at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM).  She has various of expertise’s on pedagogy skills such as Micro Teaching, Reflective thinking, Reflective writing, Leadership in Teaching at Higher Education,Teaching Portfolio, Action Research in Teacher’s Professionalism, Pedagogical Content Knowledge7 pillars of Sotf-Skills, Supervision, Mentoring and Coaching in Teaching and Learning, Psychology  at Work Place and some issues in Education. She’s becomes a practitioner of Outcome Based Education (OBE) and Curriculum Designer.

As a matter of fact she has over 29 years of experiences such as (8 years teaching experiences in secondary schools), (11 years as an educator for Teacher Training College) and now 10 years committed as a curriculum designer, lecturer, trainer and administrator at UTeM in various subject matters in education and training field. She is one of Malaysian Panel e-Learning at national level and UTeM. She  also had some experiences as President of Malaysian Council for Chief Executive Centre for Teaching and Learning (MPDP) since 2007. She is a FELLOW for AKEPT asspecially in training, research and publication matters. Her international book collaborative with London Leadership Foundation is ‘The Heart of Leadership: Developing Leadership Skill’. Now she is helping Borderless Resources.sdn in training OSH Cohort in Human Capital Development such as Transferring Mindset for Innovation in ASH among industry and community.

Her significant contribution for UTeM is leading the way co-curriculum unit, a curriculum designer when she was ‘Head of Unit Kokurikulum’ and ‘Head Department of Kokurikulum’. She is one of the pioneers who break new ground for ‘Pusat Bahasa dan Pembangunan Insan’. 

Her importance role within faculties is sustaining Teaching Knowledge Based among new lecturers through ‘Kursus Asas Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran’ to develop lecturers competencies in experiential learning and contructivistisme approach in engineering field. Her contribution to Ministry of Education and Malaysian of Higher Education make her as a frequent public speaker in ‘reflective practice and action research’. Lately she is extensive her roles as a panel on ‘Generik Skills Evaluator’ in PTK5/6 among medicine doctors and officers for Malaysia Ministry of Health. She is leading woman NGO ‘Sri Kesidang’ since 2007till earlier 2009.

Her book ‘Learning to be Reflective’ used as a reference book in ‘Program Sarjana Pendidikan in Sultan Idris Education University also used by teacher educators and student teachers in helping them to develop ‘Developmental and experimental research’ and ‘reflective practice’.  Assist.Prof.Dr.Hjh.Hanipah Hussin conducts workshops on the ‘best practices’ in action research for teacher’s professionalism all over the country in Malaysia, Acheh Darussalam and RiauIndonesia. Her international book is ‘Kepimpinan Adat Serumpun’ used by ASEAN ethnic leaders in managing cultural protocol and prosedure.

Her vision is to bring her capacity as a World-Class Academician Work Force.